Earbuds are more popular today than ever before. While this is great news for the music industry, it’s not so great for hearing loss prevention. This is because delivering loud music straight into your ear canal using generic earbuds can often be harmful to your ears and result in hearing impairment.

Custom earbud molds block out unwanted sound, allowing listeners to enjoy clear, quality, and undisturbed music at lower volumes.

Earbud molds are often created individually for a person’s ears, though high-quality universal earplug molds are also available. These earmolds drastically improve sound quality, making them popular amongst music enthusiasts despite coming with a somewhat higher price tag than regular headphones. Custom earbud molds improve how music sounds in many ways. They offer:

  • Noise-isolated sound details
  • Balanced armature drivers
  • Well-defined bass
  • Middle and treble detailing
  • Accurate tones
  • Unsurpassed comfort

Earmolds are often used to listen to music in a variety of situations. Along with daily use, they’re popular for other activities in which listening to music at a safe volume can be challenging. Some examples of this include when you’re busy with activities such as:

  • Mowing the lawn
  • Working with power tools
  • Flying on an airplane
  • Riding recreational vehicles
  • Working in a factory
  • Running at the gym

If you feel that you may benefit from custom earbud molds, give us a call. After a quick fitting appointment, we’ll send your earplug design off to a custom manufacturer. Soon after your appointment, you’ll be able to enjoy quality music at a safe volume anywhere you want.