With so many eyeglasses to choose from, picking out your perfect pair might require some time, work and dedication. At our outstanding modern vision center, we’re here to guide you through the glasses selection process every step of the way.

There are three basic elements to consider when choosing your next pair of prescription glasses: style, material and treatment.

These components all come together to form every pair of eyeglasses. By choosing the right combination of elements, you’ll end up with a pair of extremely comfortable, highly effective glasses that look great on your face.

Our on-site eyeglass shop is full of great frame styles to get you started. Once you’ve selected frames, we’ll walk you through the available lenses and features, ensuring you get the best pair of glasses for you!

The Elements of Eyeglasses

With a basic understanding of the three components that make up each pair of glasses, you’ll be prepared for your next trip to our Southaven clinic. Get the best prescription eyeglasses for your individual needs by keeping these factors in mind.

  • Style—There are dozens of considerations to make when deciding on the style of glasses you want. Most of your glasses’ style is in the frames. You should expect to decide whether you want framed or frameless glasses; the frame’s color, pattern and thickness; and the size and shape of the glasses. Prepare for selecting your new eyeglasses by learning more about different frame styles.
  • Material—There are two material choices to make when you’re selecting new eyeglasses: the frame material and the lens material. Selecting your preferred frame material is mostly a cosmetic choice; you may find yourself more attracted to metal frames, plastic frames or frameless spectacles. Lens material is a more important aspect for your vision. While you may think of lenses as being made of glass, this is rarely the case today. Most modern lenses are made from some type of plastic. Depending on your prescription and corrective needs, some lens materials may be better than others. Learn more about the available options on our eyeglass lenses
  • Treatment—Treating or coating the lenses of eyeglasses is a common practice in optometry today. Despite many advances in lens technology, most types of lenses still have some limitations on their own. To resolve these issues and allow you to see as naturally as possible, you may opt for one or more lens treatments. Which coatings you select will depend on the lens material you selected, the strength of your prescription and the settings in which you’ll regularly be wearing your eyeglasses. Popular coatings include UV protection, scratch-resistance, anti-reflection, mirror treatments and tinting.