Hearing aids work better now than ever before, but these advanced devices still face limitations in some settings. Wireless hearing aid accessories are our patients’ answer to the shortcomings of hearing devices.

Today, a wide range of accessories can be paired with hearing aids to boost your listening abilities, even in challenging environments.

Every patient’s needs are different, and there’s a wide range of accessories available for you depending on where you need help the most. If certain situations are posing a challenge for you in your regular routine, we’re happy to talk with you about which accessories may be worth your investment. Read on to learn more about some of the most popular types of hearing aid accessories.

Personal Amplifiers

Hearing speakers can be difficult when they’re far away from you or you are in a situation with a lot of background noise. There are a variety of personal amplifiers available, which contain three parts: a microphone, a transmitter and a receiver or speaker. The microphone portion of a personal amplifier is placed near a speaker or is worn by the speaker. The sound collected by this microphone is then wirelessly transmitted to a receiver, which connects directly to your hearing device. These accessories are great for improving the functionality of hearing aids in lecture halls, theaters, conferences, events and restaurants.

Audio Accessories

With wireless Bluetooth® audio accessories and cord connections for your hearing aids, there’s no reason to sacrifice sound quality because of your hearing loss. Different hearing aid accessories allow you to directly connect your hearing aids to your cell phone, MP3 players, television sets, in-car entertainment systems and other audio sources.

Phone Connectivity

Hearing clearly on the phone may be a challenge for patients with hearing aids. Luckily, wireless hearing aid accessories offer an excellent, effective solution. Accessories allow you to effortlessly connect your hearing aids to your cell phone or home phone line, sending the speaker’s voice directly to your hearing aids without any feedback or distortion.

Remote Controlling

In today’s technologically advanced world, controlling the settings and programming for your hearing devices is easier than ever. Remote control hearing aid accessories and in some cases even smart phone apps allow for easy, fast, understandable wireless control for your hearing devices.

Classroom Listening Devices

In the past, hearing well in classrooms, lecture halls and large-scale meetings was nearly impossible. Today, however, hearing aid accessories have been designed specifically for these situations, making hearing easy, simple and seamless for anyone suffering from hearing loss.