It’s important for children to get used to water as infants and begin swimming lessons as a toddler. This promotes awareness and can have a major impact on drowning prevention. Despite all the benefits of getting your child in the pool, it also majorly increases the risk of ear infections.

By age three, 5 out of every 6 children have had an ear infection.

Even when treated, ear infections can cause severe discomfort in children, who don’t understand why their ears hurt. Left untreated, ear infections can lead to permanent damage to the ears and auditory system. Along with ear infections, parents should be aware of the risks of swimmer’s ear and surfer’s ear. Swimmers ear is an infection of the outer ear canal caused by bacteria, while surfer’s ear refers to abnormal bone growth in the ear canal.

It’s important for parents to remain aware of the risks of ear infection, swimmer’s ear and surfer’s ear as their children learn to enjoy pool time. Even with great caution, though, many children are prone to ear infections throughout childhood. If your child is at high risk or you are concerned about the consequences of ear infections in your child in Southaven, pediatric swim molds are a great option.

What Are Pediatric Swim Molds?

Pediatric swim molds are custom-made waterproof silicone earplugs that prevent any water from entering the ear canal. These swim molds can be used during pool time and for other water activities. You may also want to use them to keep water out of your child’s ears during bath time. They’re comfortable, reliable and easy to wear, making them a great option for children of any age.

If you’re interested in how pediatric swim molds can help prevent ear infections for your child, the first step is to make an appointment. We’ll make special molds of your child’s ears, which will be used by the manufacturer to create a one-of-a-kind set of swimmer’s earplugs. Once your child begins using pediatric swim molds, it will remain important for you to monitor the earplugs to ensure they still fit snugly and tightly in the ear canal. We’re always here to guide you through the fitting and monitoring process to ensure your child stays free from painful ear infections.