Musicians have high rates of hearing loss and tinnitus, making in-ear musician monitors ideal for anyone in the music business.

Musician monitors block out the loud surrounding sounds while delivering excellent sound feedback directly to your ears at a safe volume.

Since musicians are often surrounded by very loud noise, most musician monitors are custom-made to fit an individual’s ears. This ensures that the earplugs are comfortable and that environmental noises are fully blocked while the sounds you want to hear are transmitted at the highest quality possible. Universal in-ear monitors are also available for musicians looking to cut costs, though they reduce the effectiveness of the earplugs and the caliber of the music.

Musician monitors have two parts: a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitters can be set up for mono or stereo sound and are typically worn by a band’s vocalist. One transmitter can send sound to as many receivers as is necessary, so members of a band can all hear the same feedback through their in-ear musician monitors.

If you’re interested in discovering how musician monitors can help your band protect its hearing, schedule a consultation appointment with us right away. Our audiologist is happy to give you more guidance and information about custom earmolds.